Vega 323 radio vinyl stereo player. Made in USSR

Stereo radio of the 3rd grade “Vega-323-Stereo” has been produced by the Berdsk Vega Production Association since 1979. Radio is designed to receive in the ranges: LW, SW, KW, VHF. Radio consists of a receiver, EPU and 2 remote speakers. The timbre for the RF and the LF is adjusted separately. Frequency adjustment in the VHF range is automatic. The radio has an indicator of the availability of stereo. Radio was produced with two and three -year warranty period and, accordingly, with different retail price. A strip of reproducible sound frequencies in the ranges of LW, SW, KW … 3550 Hz, on VHF or when playing a vinyl – 100 … 10000 Hz. The maximum output power is 2×2 watts. Power consumption 30/40 watts. Dimensions of the radio 220x540x382 mm. Mass 24 kg.

Berdsk Vega Production Association (Russian: Производственное объединение «Вега») is a company based in Berdsk, Russia and established in 1959.

The Berdsk Vega Production Association is one of the largest producers of domestic radios and tape recorders for civil and military use in Russia. Vega includes the Berdsk Radio Plant and its Special Microelectronics Design and Technological Bureau. In the 1990s Vega added compact disc players to its line of stereo electronics.

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