Vintage audio: the vinyl mono console Record 61. 

The Network Radio Record-61 Radio has been produced by the Berdsk Vega Production Association since 1961. Radio is designed to receive in the ranges of LW, SW and KW (76 … 24.8 m) waves. Three -speed, at 33, 45 and 78 rpm. Intermediate frequency – 465 kHz. Selectivity near the neighboring channel – 30 dB. Sensitivity in all ranges – 200 μV.

The output power on two loudspeakers type 1GD -5 – 0.5 watts. The range of reproducible frequencies when taking 100 … 4000 Hz, when playing vinyl 100 … 6000 Hz. The power consumed from the network when playing plates is 55 watts, when working for a reception – 40 watts. The entire installation of the radio is made in a hinged way. In the first issues in the converter, there was a radio lamp type 6A7. In 1962, the radio was modernized by receiving a new, slightly more modern case. The electrical diagram of the radio remained the same, but the installation, in addition to the contours, was performed in a printed way. In the documents and schemes of the radio (not everywhere), the letter “M” appeared. Radio was produced in the old case, and in more massive quantities. In 1962, an attempt was made to release the Radio “Rekord-61” with the keyboat switch of diagfsons and in a new design, but besides the manufacture of experienced radio, it did not go further. Radio “Rekord-61” in 2 types of design of the case was released until August 1965.

Berdsk Vega Production Association (Russian: Производственное объединение «Вега») is a company based in Berdsk, Russia and established in 1959.

The Berdsk Vega Production Association is one of the largest producers of domestic radios and tape recorders for civil and military use in Russia. Vega includes the Berdsk Radio Plant and its Special Microelectronics Design and Technological Bureau. In the 1990s Vega added compact disc players to its line of stereo electronics.

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