The Numark CDN-35 is a dual 19-inch rack mountable CD player intended for DJs and fixed installation in clubs, bars, restaurants, lounges.

The Numark CDN35 professional dual CD player—featuring a club–tested design which expands the attributes and functionality of the popular Numark CDN30—is manufactured to meet the needs which mobile or club DJs encounter on a nightly basis.

With Anti–Shock skip protection and true buffered instant start, it boasts professional–level features such as 3 hot stutter starts, a built–in BPM counter and seamless looping. The CDN35 also has S/PDIF digital output, a sleep mode to save laser life, and is CD–R compatible. All this and an incredible price make the CDN35 another strong addition to Numark’s revered dual CD player line.

Founded in Edison, New Jersey in 1971, Numark was among the earliest DJ equipment manufacturers, and responsible for innovations like the first DJ mixer with a built-in sampler (the DM1775) and the first dual-well CD player (the CD-5020).

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