Cassette and vinyl player Sirius ME325 Stereo. Made in USSR

Sirius ME-325-stereo magnetoelectrophone  has been produced by the Izhevsk Radio Plant since 1988. The combined device consists of an EPU of the 3-EPU-48SP type, a cassette tape recorder panel and amplifiers with a 5-band equalizer, combined in one case and remote speakers.

The EPU is powered by a low-speed motor with electronic stabilization of the disk rotation frequency, a head of the GZK-622 type is installed in the tonearm, there is a microlift. The MP uses dynamic biasing, which provides improved recording quality at higher frequencies, there is ARUZ, full hitchhiking.

There is a LED signal level indicator at the output, a universal input with a mode switch, a headphone jack, an auto-off device from the network if there is no signal at the output for 3 minutes. Rated (maximum) output power 2×6 (2×9) W, audio frequency range at the linear output 40 … 12500 Hz, control frequencies in the equalizer 100, 330, 1000, 3300, 10000 Hz, CVL speed – 4.76 cm / s, EPU disk rotation frequency – 33/45 rpm, detonation coefficient CVL / EPU ± 0 .3 / 0.25%, noise level in the recording / playback channel -48 dB, power consumption 50 W, dimensions of the device – 430x345x145 mm. Weight – 9 kg.

Izhevsk Radio Plant (Russian: Ижевский радиозавод) is a company based in Izhevsk, Russia and established in 1958. The Izhevsk Radio Plant Production Association, a producer of instrumentation for the Soviet military and space programs, currently produces satellite navigation and communications systems, telemetry systems, and radio equipment for civilian uses, as well as medical equipment and other products

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