Vinyl radiola Elegiya-102-stereo


Frequency response: 63 – 12500 Hz

Receiving frequency ranges (waves): 150 kHz – 73 MHz

Real sensitivity with external antenna: 5 – 100 µV

Real sensitivity with internal magnetic antenna: 1.5 – 2 mV/m

Adjacent channel selectivity (when tuned to ±9 kHz): 1.5 mV – 2 mV

Rated output power per channel: 6 W / 4 ohms

Maximum output power per channel: 16 W / 4 ohms

Maximum power consumption from the network: 55 W

External dimensions of the receiver (WxHxD): 630x180x330 mm

External dimensions of the player (WxHxD): 415x180x325 mm

Radiola weight: 31 kg

First Class radiola Elegiya-102-stereo has been manufactured at the Murom plant of radio measuring instruments since 1978. Designed for receiving radio stations, listening to stereo programs and playing records. Structurally, it consists of separate blocks: a radio receiver with an amplifier, a player and a pair of 6AC-511 loudspeakers.

JSC “Murom Plant Radio Measuring Instruments” – a Soviet/Russian enterprise producing electronic equipment, is a head enterprise for the production of ground radar, radar systems for the aircrafts. It is located in Murom. Founded on May 4, 1947 by a resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. In October 1949, the plant released the first products.

The plant produces civic products-household radio equipment-electric music tools, amplifier-acoustic complexes.


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