Viniegra de Arriba and its attractions

Viniegra de Arriba is a town and municipality in the province and autonomous community of La Rioja, Spain.

Since 2019 the city has been a part of the network The most beautiful villages of Spain.

Located 16 min (10.1 km) via LR-333 near another beautiful village of Viniegra de Abajo.

Tourism and main attractions

Parish Church of La Asunción with Romanesque remains and an important 15th century high choir.

Wall with a glass cabinet where an image of Saint Vincent (1794) is kept.

300 meters from the town center, on the Collado de San Miguel there is a Roman Necropolis, discovered by Antonino Burgos Martínez, professor of history and illustrious son of the town.

It is a set of tombs that may date from the 1st century.


The town is full with visitors during its four great festivities a year: On January 22 San Vicente (procession with the Saint and distribution of blessed bread), the third weekend of July Santa María Magdalena (dances to the Virgin and parades), San Roque on August 16 (mass, procession and popular meal), and finally “El Simón”, celebrated the last weekend of October (young people make a doll and walk it around the town.

How to get to?

From Logroño 1 hr 12 min (69.2 km) via N-111 and LR-333

From Madrid 3 hr 33 min (307 km) via A-2

 Main information

Area: 38 km²

Coordinates: 42°05′43″N 2°50′03″W

Population: 37

Languages: Spanish

Currency: Euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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