Vilopriu castle declared a cultural asset of national interest

Vilopriu castle (cat. el Castell de Vilopriu) in the municipality of Vilopriu (Baix Empordà), Girona province, Catalonia, Spain. Declared a cultural asset of national interest.

It was built over the 14th and 15th centuries. One part of the building serves as a town hall and before it served as a school.

The castle-palace is located in the highest part of the town, where it forms a complex with the church and the town wall. It is a large building with a complex structure, it has a rectangular floor plan and a central courtyard. At present the fully conserved parts include: the southern wall, rectangular tower in the south-east corner, the east wing and part of the western wall. The main facade was south facing, two gothic trefoil arched windows are preserved of it.

There is also a segmental arch door, which dates back to 1820. The interior of this sector has lost its ceiling and floor, although the central courtyard and the communication stairs to the first floor are still preserved. The corner tower and the eastern part of the castle are the best preserved sections, although its adaptation to various functions (before schools, currently Town Hall) has led to significant modifications to their structure. A few years ago, the City Council launched a process of restoration of the building. Even today, the church and castle complex, with its buttress walls with embrasures, is the most characteristic sight of Vilapriu.


The castle is documented in 1279. The village of Vilopriu was developed around the church and fortress complex. The conserved structures of the old castle-palace correspond essentially to the 15th century (ex. tower, south facade). The complex has undergone several modifications and restorations in recent times. The excavations carried out during the years 1978-80, under the direction of Maria Massà, allowed to assert that the initial construction dates from the 12th century.

Coordinates: 42° 06′ 16″ N, 2° 59′ 31″ E


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