Vila Pensa Festival del Pensament del Penedès 2020 analyzes philosophical and cultural challenges of the health crisis

Several lecturers and researchers of the University of Barcelona take part in this year’s edition of Vila Pensa, a festival on the thought, created in Vilafranca del Penedès, following the model of Barcelona Pensa and whose aim is to bring philosophy closer to citizens.

With the motto “Are we human?”, experts such as Montserrat Camps, Nemrod Carrasco and Gonçal Mayos, among others, will talk about the consequences of the health crisis we are living in, and which, according to the attorney Albert Cortina, “is forcing us to think about the idea of “technoscientific progress” and civilization we have built, as well as the purpose and meaning of our life”.

Organized every year by the Museum of Wine Culture of Catalonia (VINSEUM), Vila Pensa counts on the support of the Faculty of Philosophy of the UB —which collaborates with the festival in the Llorens i Barba Ciutat de Vilafranca Chair—, the Catalan Society of Philosophy and Vilafranca del Penedès City Council.

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