Vespino SC: manufactured in 1968 by MOTO VESPA S.A.

The Vespino is a moped, designed by the Salamanca engineer Vicente Carranza and manufactured entirely in Madrid, Spain, which began to be manufactured in 1968 by the company Moto Vespa S.A., founded in 1952 by Enrico Piaggio, with the help of Banco Urquijo and the I.N.I. (National Institute of Industry) of Spain. It was located in the Industrial Estate of Julián Camarillo street in Madrid.

Together with the Seat 600 it is considered a cultural icon of the Spanish society of the 70s.

It was the sales leader in Spain during the 32 years it was in production, creating more than 20 different models, the most manufactured being, in

chronological order: the “L” (Luxury) model from 1968, the “GL” (Gran Lujo) from 1973, the “SC” (Super Comfort) from 1980, the “ALX” (reed intake) from 1985, mod XE (electric starter) the “NL” (New Look) from 1990, the “F-9” from 1992, the 1995 “VELOFAX”, and the last 1999 “F-18” model to be manufactured.

After almost 30 years of production and 1,800,000 units manufactured, the last unit was a special model for Telepizza.

The relocation of the multinational Piaggio & Co. s.p.a., owner of MOTO VESPA S.A. (renamed in 1996 as Piaggio España S.A.), caused the closure of the Madrid factory, and put an end to the production of this vehicle.

In February 2018, the 50th anniversary of the José Luis López Vázquez cultural center moped in the Madrid neighborhood of San Blas-Canillejas was commemorated.


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