Veruela Abbey – a Cistercian abbey dating from the 12th century

Veruela Abbey (Real Monasterio de Santa María de Veruela) is a Cistercian abbey dating from the 12th century. It is situated near Vera de Moncayo, in Zaragoza province, Aragon, Spain. It was founded in 1146 by Pedro de Atarés.

The building brings together various artistic styles in its stones, ranging from the Romanesque on the front of the abbey church, through the Gothic inside the temple itself or the medieval cloister, the Renaissance in the reforms carried out by Hernando de Aragón and the Baroque on the front of the sacristy and the new monastery.

From 1835-77 the buildings were in the hands of secular clergy. From that date they were occupied by Jesuits. Assisted by the duchess of Villahermosa, they restored the church and monastery.

Of the Jesuits who lived at Veruela, Padre Costa was theologian to the First Vatican Council; Lluís Ignasi Fiter revived the “Congregaciones Marianas” in Spain; Antonio Rota, later secretary of the Society of Jesus, was the rector of Veruela when in 1888 the image of the Blessed Virgin was solemnly crowned.

Working Hours:

Tuesday 10:30AM–6PM
Wednesday 10:30AM–6PM
Thursday 10:30AM–6PM
Friday 10:30AM–6PM
Saturday 10:30AM–6PM
Sunday 10:30AM–6PM
Monday Closed

How to get to?

Address: Dirección A Agreda y Soria, Carretera Veruela, 122, 50580 Vera de Moncayo, Zaragoza

From Tarazona 14 min (13.6 km) via N-122

From Zaragoza 1 hr 1 min (80.3 km) via AP-68 and N-122

From Madrid 3 hr 24 min (304 km) via A-2

GPS coordinates: 41°48′44″N 1°41′34″W

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