Vegetable noodles stir-fry with diced Iberian ham and squid

Vegetable noodles stir-fry with diced Iberian ham and squid


1 mid-size courgette
2 carrots
200g of soybean sprouts
2 onions
400g of snow peas
500g of green beans
200g celery bulb
150g of cooked sweetcorn
Extra virgin olive oil
A cup of soy sauce
400g of Iberian ham (cut into small slices)
12 medium squids clean and cut into thin strips
Salt, pepper and sesame seeds to decorate

Note: It is important to use a wok in this recipe, it allows for very lively and fast cooking over high heat, but you must keep shaking the wok to achieve a uniform cooking of all the ingredients.


Clean and cut the vegetables into julienne.


Put the wok over high heat, when hot, add a splash of olive oil, ham, squid strips and sauté for two minutes; Add the vegetables, starting with the hardest: carrot, snow peas, green beans, onion and green garlic. Continue adding the rest of the vegetables and when it begins to brown, throw in two tablespoons of cold water, let it evaporate and add the soy sauce, season to taste. Throughout the process shake the wok constantly, you are aiming to have the vegetables “al dente”.


Serve with sesame seeds on a deep plate or in a bowl, eat with chopsticks


You can make the stir fry just with vegetables adding some Parmesan at the very end.


Squid is a cephalopod (a type of seafood), and like all fish it has low-fat content and high-quality protein, this family of seafood is also characterized by being rich in minerals such as zinc, phosphorus and iodine, it also contains quite a lot of cholesterol. The snow peas and the green beans are typical spring vegetables, rich in fiber, and if the snow peas are little known but highly appreciated, the green beans are very popular in our area.

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