VDNKh metro station

VDNKh is a station of the Moscow Metro on the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line (Moscow, near VDNKh park). It is located on the Ostankinsky and Alekseevsky districts (SVAO) border. It is connected by land transfer with the station “Exhibition Center” of the Moscow monorail.

It was opened on May 1, 1958, as part of the Botanical Garden – VSHV section (now VDNKh).

“VDNKh” – a three-vaulted pylon station (18 pylons in total); the diameter of the central hall is 9.5 meters; it is one of the deepest stations of the Moscow metro (depth – 53.5 meters).

It was built according to the project of architects I. G. Taranov, N. A. Bykova, Yu. A. Cherepanov, and I. G. Gokharay-Harmandaryan.

From the decor at the station – only round cast grilles on the ventilation openings and intricate six-arm chandeliers with crystal lamps.

The station’s pylons are finished with gray-veined white marble from below, and their beveled edges are painted green. Each pylon has a round decorative metal insert. There are marble benches along the pylons.

Initially, it was assumed that the pylons would frame the arches with an ornament of green and gold Florentine mosaics. This work was entrusted to the artist V. A. Favorsky, who created ornaments of intertwined oak leaves and ribbons. However, when part of one pylon had already been completed in kind, decoration (for cost savings) was banned. As a result, the mosaic on this pylon was plastered and painted over with green oil paint. The moldings on the remaining pylons were also painted with green paint.

The walls of the station hall are lined with white marble. The floor is paved with red and gray granite. The walls of the access roads are finished with egg-yellow tiles on top and black tiles on the bottom.

The arch of the northern exit (the first wagon from the center) is decorated with stucco ornamentation of oak leaves. The decoration of the southern vestibule is the Gzhel panel “Fair in Zamoskvorechye” (artists M.V. Podgornaya, A.V. Tsaregorodtsev, 1997) and massive square columns, which are trimmed with Gzhel majolica.

Ground public transport


At this station, you can transfer to the following routes of urban passenger transport:

Buses: m2, m53, 33, 56, 76, 93, 136, 154, 195, 244, 286, 311, 375, 378, 428, 496, 533, 536, 544, s585, 599, 803, 834, 903, t14, t36, t73, t76, n6, n9


At the same station, you can transfer to the regional bus routes: 316, 317, 333, 388, 392, 451, 499, 551k, 565, 578, 576k

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