VDL Futura FHD2

An extensively restyled Futura was launched by VDL Bus & Coach on 7 September 2010. The new model was henceforth marketed exclusively as a VDL, with the “Bova” name being discontinued. Also discontinued was the distinctive convex bulge on the front of the coach, as the new Futura 2 has a more upright frontal profile which owes more to the styling of the Magiq than to that of the previous Futura. The revised Futura was named International Coach of the Year 2012 on 29 August 2011.

The single-deck VDL Futura is available in two heights, 3.5m (FMD2 variants) and 3.7m (FHD2 variants). Six length options are available for the FHD2 – 10.6m, 12.2m, 12.9m or 13.5m on two axles, and 13.9m or 14.8m on three-axles, whilst the lower FMD2 is only available in 12.9m, 13.5m and 14.8m lengths. Detailed model codes include the length of the vehicle, thus FHD2-122 denotes a 12.2m high-floor Futura 2.

Country: Netherlands

Years of production: 2015—

Engine: DAF MX-11

Power: 370 HP

Weight: 19,500 kg

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