VAZ-2101 Zhiguli. White version

The lightweight Italian Fiat 124, which had won the 1967 European Car of the Year, was adapted in order to survive treacherous Russian driving conditions. Among many changes, aluminium brake drums were added to the rear, and the original Fiat engine was dropped in favour of a newer design made by NAMI. This new engine had a modern overhead camshaft design but was never used in Fiat cars. 21013 is similar to VAZ-21011 with 1,198 cc engine.

Made in the USSR

Years of production: 1977 — 1988

Engine: 4 cylinders; 1198 cc

Power: 64 HP

Max speed: 142 km/h

Weight: 955 kg

Retro car show (PiterlandPetersburg)

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