VAZ-1111E Oka. Red version

The Lada Оkа (VAZ-1111, SeAZ-1111, КаmАZ-1111, Astro 11301) is a city car designed in the Soviet Union in the later part of the seventies by AvtoVAZ. Instead, manufacturing was outsourced to SeAZ factory in Serpukhov and ZMA in Naberezhnye Chelny (by Kamaz and SeverstalAvto). Massive plans were in place for a new plant in Yelabuga, but these failed to materialize. The car was also produced in Azerbaijan by the Gyandzha Auto Plant.

VAZ-1111E is a Russian experimental small-scale model of an electric vehicle created on the basis of the Oka minicar.

Made in Russia in 1994

Production: 20 units

Engine: PT-125

Retro car show (PiterlandPetersburg)

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