Vallnord announced incomparable growth of the amount of tourists in summertime

Vallnord, one of the biggest resorts of Andorra, closed summer season in the beginning of October, witnessing incomparable growth of the amount of tourists. Vallnord is the biggest European bike park that attracts extreme sports enthusiasts from all over the world. The growth of the amount of tourists also entails the development of infrastructure, including play grounds and restaurant network. It is also mentioned that the average sum of the bill at Vallnord ski resort restaurants also increased in the past season.

Meanwhile, the expenditure budget for “Andorran tourism” item will make up about 17 mln euro in 2015. As the Minister for Tourism Francisc Camp  puts it, this sum is sufficient for proceeding the tendency of touristic flow enlargement. It is important that this sum remains the same for the third year.

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