Valbonne Abbey (Fr. Abbaye de Valbonne). The abbey of Valbonne (former abbey Notre-Dame) is a thirteenth century abbey located in Valbonne in the department of Alpes-Maritimes in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regionFrance.

Today it is under the invocation of Saint Blaise.

In 1199, monks of the order of Chalais, coming from the Prads abbey of the diocese of Digne, settled in Sartoux of the diocese of Antibes, in the valley of Brague.

The bishop of Antibes Olivier authorized their abbot, Guillaume, to build a church. The latter left the Abbey of Prads to settle in Vallisbona. He led it until 1212.

Most of the abbeys of the Chalais order were in the mountains. The installation of an abbey near the Mediterranean could allow them to descend their sheep in winter in the valley of Brague.

The thirteenth century Romanesque abbey church, which became a parish church when the village was built, is the perfect example of Chalaisian art, close to primitive Cistercian art. The bell tower was added in the nineteenth century. Several chapels and oratories, in the village and in the countryside, complete the religious architecture.

Coordinates: 43° 38′ 26″ N, 7° 00′ 32″ E

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