Utin’s Profitable house in St. Petersburg

Utin’s Profitable house (Konnogvardeisky Boulevard, 17) is the house with an attic floor was built in 1858 by architect R.I. Kuzmin for the titular adviser, merchant of the 1st guild I.O. Utin.

Interestingly, this is the first residential building in St. Petersburg, supplemented by an attic floor.

The main façade overlooking Konnogvardeisky Boulevard is richly decorated in baroque forms. Sculptural decorations are made according to the models of D. I. Jensen. On the third floor there are 13 balconies, each balcony is supported by two putti figurines.

In 1893-1895. in this house lived an outstanding Russian engineer, one of the founders of the theory of automatic control, Ivan Alekseevich Vyshnegradsky (1831-1895).

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