US armoured M3A1 Scout car by White Motor Co. from 1941. Six cylinders, 5.2 L, 110 HP, 81 km/h

US armoured vehicles: M3A1 Scout car by White Motor Co. from 1941. Six cylinders, 5.2 L, 110 HP, 81 km/h

The main production variant, the M3A1 Scout Car, was a lightly armored, open topped, machine gun armed, four wheel drive vehicle designed to be used in the reconnaissance role. The M3A1 Scout Car was crewed by a driver and commander, while there was seating for six additional occupants in the rear.

Made in USA

Years of production: 1939-1944

Production: 20,918

Armour: 13 mm

Engine: Hercules JXD (6 cylinders, petrol)

Power: 110 HP

Range: 400 km

Maximum speed: 80 km/h

Weight: 5620 kg

Armament: 1 × chain gun M2 Browning (12 mm) + 2 × chain gun M1919A4 (7,62 mm)

The White Motor Company was an American automobile, truck, bus and agricultural tractor manufacturer from 1900 until 1980. The company also produced bicycles, roller skates, automatic lathes, and sewing machines. Before World War II, the company was based in Cleveland, Ohio. White Diesel Engine Division in Springfield, Ohio, manufactured diesel engine generators, which powered U.S. military equipment and infrastructure, namely Army Nike and Air Force Bomarc launch complexes, and other guided missile installations and proving grounds, sections of SAGE and DEW Line stations, radars, Combat Direction Centers and other ground facilities of the U.S. aerospace defense ring, such as the Texas Towers.

During the Vietnam Era, the company retained its position within the Top 100 Defense Contractors list (it ranked 87th in the Fiscal Year 1965, 77th in 1967, 73rd in 1968, 89th in 1969). Its production facilities, such as the Lansing truck plant in Lansing, Michigan, and the main plant in Cleveland were engaged in production, inspection, engineering services and maintenance of thousands of military/utility cargo trucks M39, M44, M600, and M602 series trucks, as well as spare parts, such as cylinder heads, diesel and gasoline engines with accessories.

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