Fast internet: as a result of optic fiber network modernization Andorra has obtained the top position in upload and download speed rates

Fast internet

The first-rate provider Andorra Telecom modernized its optic fiber network with 52000 of subscribers on the basis of ultramodern technology Aurora Networks Trident7 PON Platform.  In accordance to Net Index that collects millions of results of checks, Andorra has got the highest upload and download speed rates.

“Our priority is to provide our clients with access to the top-notch quality services on the high-technology market. Our top position at such a serious rate evidently proves the fact that we have chosen the right direction”, stated Jaume Salvat, General Director of Andorra Telecom. Trident 7 Aurora with all its advantaged gives us the opportunity to deliver modern advanced services of highest quality”, added Jaume Salvat. Experts state that the usage of this platform provides Andorra with technological reserve for the upcoming 7-10 years.

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