Universitet metro station in Moscow

Universitet is a station of the Moscow Metro on the Sokolnicheskaya Line. It is located between the Vorobyovy Gory and Prospekt Vernadskogo stations. It is located on the territory of the Ramenki district of the Western administrative district and the Gagarinsky district of the South-Western administrative district of Moscow. It is an object of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia of regional significance.

It got its name from the nearby Moscow State University by Lomonosov. The choice of the station site (at a relatively large distance from the university complex) was due to the fact that the pit and track tunnels could not be built in close proximity to the main building of Moscow State University. In addition, the location of the station provides proximity to ground transportation routes and nearby residential areas.

The station was opened on January 12, 1959 as part of the Sportivnaya – Universitet section, after which the Moscow Metro got 55 stations. With the opening of the station, the construction of the fifth stage of the Moscow metro was completed.

The design of the station is a three-vaulted pylon deep (laying depth – 26.5 meters). The diameter of the central hall is 9.5 meters, the side ones – 8.5 meters. Lined with cast iron tubing. Behind the station there are turnaround deadlocks for maintenance and sludge of trains.


The station was the last in the Moscow metro, structurally similar to other deep-laid stations built in the style of Stalinist architecture. At the same time, its design is already distinguished by noticeable asceticism. Thus, the architectural style of the station is transitional from “Stalin” to “Khrushchev”.

The massive pylons of the station hall are lined with light marble. The blind end of the station is not decorated in any way, it is finished with the same marble (there is a service staircase to the sub-platform rooms near the wall). The track walls of the station are finished with glazed ceramic tiles: the top is yellow, the bottom is black. The floor is paved with gray and pink granite. The walls of the passage corridor to the exit to Vernadsky Avenue are lined with red marble, the floor is lined with a mosaic of gray and pink granite slabs.

Ground public transport

At this station, you can transfer to the following routes of urban passenger transport:

Buses: m19, e29, 1, s10, 67, 103, 111, 113, 119, 130, 138, 260, 266, 434, 464, 470, 661, 845, t34.

Trams: 14, 26, 39

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