UNIC L2 “Sonia Delaunay”. Multicolor version

UNIC L2. Multicolor version. Made in France in 1924, 4 cyl., 9 hp, 1900 cc

This car is a tribute to Sonia Delaunay, the first painter ever to decorate automobiles in the 20s. As a great French artist, with her own exhibition at the Louvre, she started the trend of painting cars that continues today.

Unic was a French manufacturer founded in 1905, and active as an automobile producer until July 1938. After this the company continued to produce commercial vehicles, retaining its independence for a further fourteen years before being purchased in 1952 by Henri Pigozzi, who was keen to develop Unic as a commercial vehicle arm of the then flourishing Simca business.

Unic was founded by Georges Richard after he left Richard-Brasier. In 1905 Richard had a meeting with the entrepreneur-financier Baron Henri de Rothschild and obtained funding for the creation of the “société anonyme des automobiles Unic”, based at Puteaux.

The objective was to manufacture “unique” (rather than mainstream) vehicles, and at the start the company made only light cars and taxis with two-cylinder and four-cylinder engines.

The taxi business would remain important to Unic for more than three decades, while Rothschild’s steady financial support through good times and bad, provided stability which sustained the business, critically during the immediate post-war years.

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