The existence of three educational systems in Andorra gives the chance to use this experience for the development of GEFI, says UNESCO General Director Irina Bokova

gefi-andorraThe General Director of UNESCO Irina Bokova made several statements regarding the educational system of Andorra within her visit to the Principality on 21-22d July, 2014.

“Andorran educational system is based on the complementarity of all three systems—French, Spanish and Andorran as well as on the usage of advanced technologies in studying several foreign languages simultaneously. This is a very interesting experience”,– says Irina Bokova.

She considers that that the accumulated experience of parallel work with 3 educational systems gives the chance to Andorra to contribute into  Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) – a global educational program, guided by UNESCO.

UNESCO General Director emphasized the importance of Andorran participation on GEFI program. It should be recalled that in accordance to the decision of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Andorra became the 14th member of this program in the April of the previous year, announcing the initiative to increase the quality of education and favor the development of multi linguistic culture.

The Principality will have a chance to proceed its dialogue on the educational issues with global community pretty soon: the Prime Minister of Andorra Antoni Marti is invited to participate in the session of GEFI that will take place on September 24 in the course of the UN General Assembly session.

Antonio Marti thanked Irina Bokova for the visit that coincided with 20th anniversary of Andorran membership in UNESCO (the valley Madriu-Perafita-Claror is considered to be UNESCO World Heritage Site in the category “cultural landscape”). Irina Bokova had a chance to see the valley  during the helicopter tour, organized within the bounds of her visit.

It was the first visit of UNESCO General Director since the moment of her appointment in 2009. Irina Bokova began her visit from attending the 4th  Art Camp exhibition in Ordino. She also participated in the festive occasion dedicated to the presentation of Cosmic Tree sculpture. UNESCO General Director  used the opportunity to communicate with the participants of the exhibition. She highly estimated multicultural interaction, based on the mutual respect and subsequent strive to the common peace.

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