Underground Museum in Zaryadye

Underground Museum in Zaryadye park, Moskvoretskaya Embankment, Moscow: archaeological site of the Kitai-Gorod Wall

The underground museum in Zaryadye is located almost on the embankment, and few people even know about its existence. It is very small, there one can see the original white stone foundation of the Kitai-Gorod wall (which once encircled the entire Kitay-Gorod).

Tickets can be purchased on the Zaryadye website. The price starts from 100 roubles.

The base of the Kitai-Gorod wall was found in 2015 during the construction of Zaryadye Park. Before that, on the site of the park there was a hotel “Russia”.

The museum is small in size. The only exhibit is an archaeological excavation of the foundation of the Kitai-Gorod wall.

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