Two UAZ-452

UAZ SGR (“Loaf”, “Tablet”) is a family of Soviet and Russian all-wheel drive minibuses, light-duty utility vehicles, primarily for military purposes, produced at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. The model is a modernized and restyled body of the UAZ-450, produced since 1958. It was forced to take the place of the UAZ-3165 model in 1990-2000, due to the non-appearance of the latter. Serial production of the UAZ-452 began in 1965.

The series includes models 452, 2206, 3741, 3909, 39094, 3962, 3303 and others. The plant calls the entire family of models with the abbreviation SGR – “old cargo row”, and people call it “loaf”.


UAZ-452 cars, produced between 1965 and 1979, were distinguished by the presence of old-style lighting equipment (colorless turn signals, round rear lights), the absence of side turn signal repeaters, a different instrument panel, stamping of the last side false window extending back to the rear doors, more rounded rear corners, a special license plate recess on the left rear door, linkage shock absorbers and a wooden cargo bed. The car is produced in both body (wagon) and flatbed (tadpole) versions. The car body can be equipped with single-leaf side doors and a double-leaf door at the rear (the door configuration depends on the specific modification). Wheel formula 4×4.

UAZ-390994 from 2014

In 1997, the car received a new UMZ-4218 engine with a volume of 2.9 liters and a power of 98 hp. With. In 2008, this engine, together with Bosch, with which UAZ collaborated in the field of electronic fuel injection, was modernized; it became known as UMZ-4213 (2.9 l, 99 HP) and met Euro-3 standards.

In 2009, UAZ began equipping its vans with a factory-installed naturally aspirated 4-cylinder ZMZ-409 engine with a volume of 2690 cm³ and a DOHC gas distribution system producing 112 hp. With. at 4000 rpm.

In March 2011, models 3962/39625 (sanitary van) and 2206 (minibus) were modernized. ABS, power steering, seat belts according to the Euro-4 standard, a new safety steering wheel (on passenger versions), and an engine also according to the Euro-4 standard were added.

In 2016, a new modernization was carried out: all instruments were reduced to one speedometer dial with a display on it, where other information is displayed, and moved to the center of the dashboard; a niche appeared for the audio system, front seats with integrated headrests and longitudinal adjustment, a front bumper with “fangs”, improved sound insulation of the engine compartment, cargo versions received a new safety steering wheel.

UAZ-390995-04 from 2021


  • UAZ-452 (van, basic modification)
  • UAZ-452A (ambulance, 11 seats)
  • UAZ-452AS (northern version of an ambulance)
  • UAZ-452AE (chassis for installing various equipment)
  • UAZ-452V (ten-seater minibus with a carriage layout)
  • UAZ-452D (truck with a double cabin and a wooden cargo platform)
  • UAZ-452G (ambulance, differs from UAZ-452A in capacity)
  • UAZ-452P (tractor unit)
  • UAZ-452T (topographic surveyor)
  • UAZ-452T-2 (topographic surveyor based on the UAZ-452AE)
  • UAZ-452T-M
  • UAZ-452T-M2
  • UAZ-452T-M3
  • UAZ-452T-11

In 1985, modernization was carried out, and according to the new classification, modifications of the UAZ-452 received new indices.

  • UAZ-3741 (integrated all-metal van)
  • UAZ-3303 (all-wheel drive metal truck)
  • UAZ 330362 (all-wheel drive truck with a wheelbase extended by 250 mm)
  • UAZ-2206 (all-wheel drive minibus (from 8 to 11 seats in the cabin). Similar to RAF-2203)
  • UAZ-3962 (ambulance vehicle)
  • UAZ-3909 “Farmer” (shooting brake, cargo-passenger all-wheel drive vehicle)
  • UAZ-39094 “Farmer” (all-wheel drive truck/pickup. Produced since 1997)
  • UAZ-3909i (military ambulance)
  • UAZ-390945-903 (small forest patrol complex for fighting forest fires)
  • UAZ-452K (experimental 16-seater three-axle bus (6×4). Made one copy in 1973)

Assembly: Ulyanovsk (USSR/Russia)

Years of production: 1965—

Production: 30,000 units / year (+1,000,000 units in total)

Length: 4390 mm

Width: 1940 mm

Height: 2355 mm

Powerplant: ZMZ-40911

Engine: 4 cylinders; 2693 cc

Power: 112 HP

Max speed: 127 km/h

Fuel consumption: 14 l/100 km

Weight: 1845 kg

Load capacity: 1200 kg

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