Tver Carriage Works Green Installation on Kuryanovo railway station of Moscow Railway’s Kurskaya line.

OAO Tver Carriage Works is a Russian railway engineering enterprise located in the city of Tver, which produces cars and electric trains. The governing bodies and production facilities are located on St. Petersburg Highway in the Zavolzhsky District. The company is part of Transmashholding.

Tver Carriage Works was founded on 25 August 1898 with the name Upper Volga Railway Materials Plant. It was built at the initiative of the Franco-Belgian joint stock company Dyle et Bacalan in 1898.

The main activities of Tver Carriage Works are the production and sales of passenger coaches and other types of rolling stock, components and spare parts for rolling stock, maintenance, and repair.

Tver Carriage Works manufactures the following products and provides the following services:

  • New passenger coaches hauled by locomotives at speeds up to 200 km/h
  • Freight cars and special-purpose railcars.
  • Electric multiple units (Ivolga)
  • Tram cars (in cooperation with PK Transportnye Sistemy – a Russian manufacturer of public transport)
  • Bogies for passenger coaches
  • Wheel sets for passenger cars and freight cars
  • Spare parts for passenger coaches
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