Turbomeca Bastan VI C. Made in France in 1964 for NORD N-262 Fregate. Power: 1100 HP. 

Safran Helicopter Engines, previously known as Turbomeca, is a French manufacturer of low- and medium-power gas turbine turboshaft engines for helicopters and aircrafts. The company also produces gas turbine engines for aircraft and missiles, as well as turbines for land, industrial and marine applications.

Since its founding as Turbomeca during 1938, Safran Helicopter Engines has produced over 72,000 turbines. In its early years, it benefitted greatly from a rearmament programme conducted by the French state; operations were disrupted by the occupation of France during the Second World War, but the company survived and rebuilt quickly during the immediate postwar years. Prominent successes during the Cold War include the use of its Artouste II turboshaft engine to power the new Sud Aviation Alouette II helicopter (the first production turbine-powered helicopter in the world) as well as its involvement in Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Limited (a joint venture with British engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce Ltd that produced turbojet and turboshaft engines).

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