The Tréméac castle – property of the Le Pourceau family from Rolivaud

The Tréméac castle (Fr. Château de Tréméac). The old manor of Tréméac, property of the Le Pourceau family from Rolivaud.

Louis Jean Marie Le Pourceau de Tréméac (1753-1826), former infantry captain, Knight of the Royal and Military Order of Saint Louis, was the owner of the castle.

He was a husband of Jeanne Gadet de Châtillon (1760-1820), daughter of the Count of Châtillon, Marshal of Camp of the King’s Army.

From 1817 to 1826 the castle was a residence of a former mayor of the municipality of Escoublac. It was during his mandate that the count of Sesmaisons (Claude Louis Gabriel Donatien count of Sesmaisons) received the concession of the dunes by the ordinance of the August 26, 1818.

Address: 44500 La Baule-Escoublac, France, La Route des Châteaux, 21

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