Tour de France, July 21: preparations for this international event

Tour de France

This year, the arrival of the Tour de France in Ariège will be at Prat d’Albis.

The reception of the runners and spectators will involve 6 municipalities of the Agglomeration Pays Foix Varilhes Community:







and also those of Saurat, Arignac, Bedeilhac …

Meetings between these communes with the security and relief services took place in December 2018 and January 2019.

The elected officials and services of the town of Foix have already mobilized resources to prepare for this day that promises to be exceptional.

Indeed, if the finish does not take place in Foix itself, but on the superb site of the Prat d’Albis, the technical teams of A.S.O. will settle in the Cité Comtale. This means that a hundred trucks for equipment, a press room for 350 journalists, a bus teams of cyclists, and so on will all need to be situated there.

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