Excursions from Toulouse: Andorra

excursions from toulouse

Excursions from Toulouse: Andorra

A visit to Andorra is one of the most interesting routes for tourists in Toulouse.

A trip duration – 1 day. It take 7 hours to get from Toulouse to Andorra and back by bus.  The price of tour starts from €70 for 1 person (group tour). There are also individual excursions. You can book this trip at any tourist office in Toulouse or at the front desk of your hotel. Pre-booking for group tours is not required. There are also NO discounts for advanced booking.

If you want to spend more than 1 day in Andorra, here are the direct web links to 153 hotels in Andorra for cheapest booking without intermediaries. Look for details here


Why Andorra? 

excursions_from_toulouseAndorra – is the most visited country in the world, reported in the research of Priceonomics company (one of the leading US marketing companies) on the tourism market in 2015 on the basis of the World Bank data. In this country, there are 32.4 tourists per 1 inhabitant.

Andorra – is one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate in Andorra, including street crimes – pickpocketing, car theft and disorderly conduct, almost at zero point. “In 2016 we have only 43 prisoners in Andorran jail: 35 men and 8 women, mostly for drug smuggling and shoplifting”, – informs the Minister of internal affairs of Andorra Xavier Espot.

Andorran VAT has the lowest rate in Europe (4.5%). It makes Andorra the centre of the European shopping. The prices for clothes, electronics, alcohol and some foodstuff are 15-20% lower than in neighbor Spain or France. In different stores of Andorra la Vella the price difference can be even more tangible in the period of seasonal discounts.

excursions_toulouse_andorraBeing a part of the Pyrenees, Andorra was  obviously swayed  by the cultures of foreign countries. Alongside with that, in spite of its relatively small territory, this country has got a lot of authentic staff, which is evident in its architecture. Pre-Roman and Romanesque periods lasted here much longer than in other European countries, where the succession of art styles was much more dynamic. Romanesque architecture of Andorra tells us the story of 7 parroquies (provinces), keeping a part of its charming story secret. The oldest churches of Andorra, dated by the XI-XII centuries, are famous for their small sizes and simplicity. Its only decoration is a perfect harmony with nature.

Water is one of natural resources of Andorra. Besides lakes and rivers, that head from here, there are sulfur rich thermal springs in Escaldes-Engordany. It is recommended to use these springs for therapeutic and cosmetology purposes in order to reestablish life forces, to release stress as well as for treatment and prophylaxis of rheumatism and skin diseases. There are many recreation centers in Andorra, they allow to take maximum advantage from your holiday any time of the year. After skiing and shopping there can’t be anything more relaxing than to spend several hours at Caldea, the biggest thermal center of Southern Europe.


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