The Torrassa reservoir is located on the Noguera Pallaresa river. The dam is located between the municipalities of La Guingueta and Espot, in Lleida province (Spain,  Catalonia, Pyrenees).

The name of Torrassa comes from the old watchtower that existed in this place. Just before the dam, the reservoir receives the waters of the Berrós torrent, and just after the dam, the waters of the Escrita river, coming from the San Mauricio lake.

The C13 road runs along the right side of the reservoir, between the Valle de Arán and Puebla de Segur. Shortly before the dam, the LV-5004 road appears on the right, which leads to the town of Espot, 7 km away. There is the road that coincides with a stretch of the GR-11 hiking trail.

At the tail of the reservoir there is a wetland known as the Mollera de Escalarre, interesting for its waterfowl and vegetation, although it was damaged by the construction of the dam.

The climate is mountainous and the reservoir freezes on the surface normally in winter.

In spring, fishing contests are organized due to the abundance of trout.

A short distance from the Torrassa dam, to the south, is the Espot-Torrassa Hydroelectric Power Station, renovated in 2010, which receives water from the Escritá river through a channel from a small reservoir located at the exit of the town of Espot, at an altitude of 1,300 m.

The power of turbines: 9,760 kW.

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