Today Andorra is an optimal ski resort considering the combination of price and quality, as well as climate conditions, says English Daily Mail

Snowless December in Pyrenees gave place to January with enormous amount of snow, that became a reason for 2 meters snow banks, as English Daily Mail reports. As a comparison: snow level in the French Alps is 1.5m (Serre Chevalier resort), in Verbier (Swiss ski resort) – 1.9m

Herewith, the newspaper has discovered that prices are lower at the ski resorts of Andorra than at any others ski resorts in Europe. It includes not only an equipment rental (for example, boots and skis rent costs around 20 euros per day in Andorra), ski pass (it costs 45 euros for a whole day at Grandvalira resort compared to 49 Euros in Courcheval in France or 50 Euros in Val d’Isere), but also private lessons with ski instructor and costs of food and beverage at cafes near the slopes.


According to the opinion of the most experienced and choosy skiers, ski slopes in the Pyrenees are very diverse and long slopes and their varied levels of difficulty satisfy all kinds of demands. Sunny and warm weather has settled after the heavy snowfall. The end of the snowfall makes 100 % visibility possible. Daily mail reminds that Andorra is a ski resort with the highest number of sunny days – more than 300 days per year.  While having in mind Andorra low tax rates, we might consider this country the best for solo and family vacations both for a long stay and weekends only. All of these factors allow us to draw a conclusion that Andorra is a perfect ski resort considering the combination of price and quality, as well as climate conditions, finds Daily mail. According to the main British travel agencies estimates, number of requests for Andorra has tripled in 2015, comparing to the last year .

The only one ski resort, which remains cheaper than Andorra, is Bansko in Bulgaria. Although, prices at Andorra ski resorts, including Soldeu (Grandvalira), are lower than in Slovenia (Kranjska Gora ski resort).

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