This June the TRIAL CLÀSSIC competition will be organised in Andorra for the first time, said one of the organizers of the event, Xavier Crespo

One of the organizers of the competition “DOS DIES DE TRIAL CLÀSSIC” Xavier Crespo spoke about this event, which will take place in Andorra for the first time:

Why have you decided to organise this competition in Andorra?

I’m a big motorbike fan with a lot of experience – I’ve been riding motorbikes for 46 years. In particular, I love classic bikes, my love for which I inherited from a very early age. I mastered almost all the disciplines (trial, motocross, enduro, racing on asphalt, ring races, races on ice, etc.) I can not even imagine life without riding motorbikes and I hope that I will be able to enjoy this passion for the rest of my life.

Three years ago, my friends invited me to a similar class trial competition abroad and I really enjoyed participating in it. Therefore, we decided to organize a two-day TRIAL CLÀSSIC competition with the same friends to introduce our country to the fans of the trial classic and let them do the kind of sport they like here in Andorra.

When are the competitions planned?

The competitions will be held in Andorra on June 30 and July 1.

How many participants are going to take part in the event?

Initially, it was assumed that there would be no more than 150 participants since this is the first event in Andorra. However, about 180 people have already signed up from France, Spain, Catalonia, Italy and Andorra.

Where will the competitions take place?

All the competitions will be held in San Julia de Lauria (Naturlandia). The level of participants is divided into several categories: yellow level (the easiest), which will compete with two types of motorcycles: motorcycles made before 1965 and those made before 1985; a green level (medium), in which two types of motorcycles will compete: those made before 1980 and those made before 1985, and finally, the blue level (the most complex).

Are there any professionals among the participants?

All the participants are amateurs, there are no professionals among them. We are open for everyone. The only conditions in place to be able to participate are; the presence of a motorcycle made before 1985, the driver’s license and insurance. You also need a special license – Spanish, Catalan or Andorran. However, if a participant does not have a license, the organisers of the event can provide him with it for the two days of the competition.

Who is the organizer of the event and what is their budget?

We are a group of 7 people plus the Andorran Club, Andorra Trial Club. We are responsible for organizing the event, including security. This competition is not about speed, but rather about experience when driving a motorcycle. However, no doubt, doctors will be on duty at the most dangerous sections of the tracks. Personally, I’m also a doctor, and I’ll be there, too.

The budget of the event is 24 thousand euros.


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