These days the blocking Catalonia’s main roads is expected

These days, the blocking Catalonia's main roads is expected

Cargo and passenger companies of Andorra (Pyrenees) operate under the scenario of a possible suspension of services. Some passengers today handed over bus tickets from Andorra to Barcelona (Spain) in connection with the blocking of roads and protests by the Catalans against the verdict for organizers of the referendum on the independence of Catalonia.

The situation south of the border with Andorra is escalating, armed clashes are not ruled out.

Due to the current situation, passenger transport companies cannot guarantee service, nor adherence to schedules, or route accuracy. It is possible that the sale of bus tickets tomorrow will be suspended in connection with the continuation of the “March for Independence” – an action that began in five geographical points of Catalonia, and whose participants will meet in Barcelona in 48 hours.

In this regard, it is expected to block the main roads of Catalonia: A-2, AP-7, C-65, C-25, C-16, C-31, C-51 and national roads: 240 and 340.

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