Saint-Thomas-les-Bains, Fontpédrouse, East Pyrenees, France

Fontpédrouse is a commune located in the southwest of the Pyrénées-Orientales department, in the Occitania region (Pyrenees, France). Historically and culturally, the commune is in the country of Conflent, corresponding to all of the Pyrenean valleys which “confluence” with the bed dug by the Têt.

Imagine an amphitheater made of stone, in the center of which is a blue lagoon, and next to it is a round pool for children. This is the outer part of the thermal complex of San Thomas (Saint-Thomas-les-Bains).

The thermal water of the San Thomas complex is one of the warmest Pyrenean springs (it can reach 58°C). The water temperature in the lagoon ranges between 34° to 38° (depending on the time of year).

The outdoor pools are equipped with a jacuzzi, massage jets and temperature-controlled “sulfuric” showers.

The chemical composition of the water (1 litre):

Sodium Sulfur – 0.0222

Sodium – 0.0210

Sodium bicarbonate – 0.0478

Silicon Dioxide – 0.0620

Sodium Chloride – 0,0150

Sodium Sulphate – 0,0110

Lime sulfate, lime and magnesia – 0,0200

Nitrogen substance – 0,0600.

The healing properties of water are known to moisturize the skin, heal wounds, and can be used for relaxation therapies.

In addition to the three outdoor pools, the thermal complex includes a visit to the steam bath (hammam) with eucalyptus essential oils and a course of color therapy. Inside the complex there is also a sauna and jacuzzi. Among the procedures of massage rooms you can find mud baths, wraps, modern methods of facial and body care. There is also a tea room.

Age restrictions (internal SPA)- children up to 12 years.

Near the complex is a laboratory which manufactures cosmetics.

The baths were reconstructed in 1993.

Opening hours:
Sunday 10 AM-7:40 PM
Monday 10 AM-7:40 PM
Tuesday 10 AM-7:40 PM
Wednesday 10 AM-7:40 PM
Thursday 10 am-7:40 pm
Friday 10 am-7:40 pm
Saturday 10 am-7:40 pm

Adult 7,00 €
Children (4 to 11 years) 5,50 €
Subscription for 10 visits to the baths 57,00 €
Subscription for 100 visits to the baths and spa 100,00 €
Adult ticket to visit spa (from 12 years old) 15,50 €
Annual spa subscription ticket € 180.00
Subscription for 10 visits to the baths and spa 125,00 €
Children under 4 years can enter for free

Attractions around

The Roman baths of Dorres and the baths of Llo (30 minutes by D618, D30, N116, D33) are a great addition for hiking lovers, mountain bike lovers and cyclists: here you can find a huge selection of routes.

The mountain lakes in the Carlit massif is a great place for fishing.

In the district you can find well-preserved Romanesque churches.

It’s also interesting to visit the largest solar furnace in Font-Romeu.

Mont-Louis (Mont-Louis, 30 minutes by D618, D29, N116) – a city surrounded by the highest wall in France – is one of the 14 main sites of Vauban (Sébastien Le Prestre, marquis de Vauban – an outstanding military engineer, Marshal France, a writer. The fortresses built by him was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The nearest train stations, from where you can take a fascinating journey on the tourist “Yellow Train” (Train Jaune), are Latour-de-Carol-Enveigt (7 km), Ur-les-Escaldes (5 km), Bourg-Madame (7 km) . In summer, open wagons are especially popular.

Llívia is a municipality in Baixa Cerdanya (Girona provinceCataloniaSpain), although geographically it belongs to Alta Cerdanya. It has the particularity of being an enclave within France (Upper Cerdanya – North Catalonia), as a result of the terms of the Treaty of the Pyrenees (1659), the later Conference of Ceret (1660) and the Treaty of Llívia (1660).

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