The University of Navarra and Deloitte launch a digital regulation and technology observatory in Spain

The University of Navarra and Deloitte have signed an agreement agreement of partnership to develop a pioneering Observatory of digital regulation and technology in Spain. In view of the irruption of artificial intelligence and the abundant regulation in the digital field, the Observatory has as goal to be a space for reference letter in the knowledge dissemination of programs of study, reflections and scientific production on current issues in the field of digital regulation, the management of the data, technology and artificial intelligence.

To this end, the School of Law of the University of Navarra and the signature of professional services Deloitte promote this Observatory that will be based on three fundamental pillars: the research, the knowledge dissemination and the training in the digital and technological field.

The Observatory aims to carry out a rigorous research through the interdisciplinary partnership of academics and professional experts in different sectors, from law, consultancy service, risk, digital markets and finance to engineering and quantum computing. Thus, among other areas, artificial intelligence, robotics, digital markets and infrastructures, data economy, e-government, metaverse or cryptoassets will be studied.

Likewise, the Observatory will have a group of experts formed by professionals and academics, specialized in technology, consultancy service, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and with the legal and fiscal field.

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