The University of Deusto organizes the UNIC CitiLebs Festival Bilbao 2023

The University of Deusto, as part of the UNIC European Alliance, is organizing the 3rd edition of the UNIC CityLabs Festival, which is held annually. An event that aims to bring together universities and cities to share experiences, common challenges and co-create innovative ways to generate societal impact in our cities and communities through experiential activities.

On this occasion, the program will focus on the post-industrial link that unites UNIC cities, using the city of Bilbao as an example. Thus, the event will bring together students, the academic and research community, higher education professionals, city representatives, stakeholders and citizens of the (soon) 10 European cities that make up UNIC.

The meeting will take place on April 25th and 26th, and has been organized by the University of Deusto and Bilbao City Council, with the collaboration of partner universities and numerous city stakeholders of Bilbao.

A program open to participation

The sessions on the 25th are aimed at members of the UNIC Alliance who, after the opening ceremony, will participate in different activities designed to compile and extol the successes that have been achieved, both from the CityLabs and from the UNIC Alliance itself. There will also be space for strategic meetings in which the 10 Rectors and representatives of the cities will be able to discuss the main achievements of UNIC and their plans for future university-city collaboration.

On April 26th, the citizens of Bilbao will have the opportunity to join the UNIC community for a post-industrial tour (in English) through Bilbao’s past, present and future. Admission to the event is free of charge, subject of registration through the website.

UNIC is an Alliance of 8 universities (soon to be 10) located in post-industrial cities. The universities that conform the UNIC Alliance are:

Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Koç University (Turkey)
Malmö University (Sweden) – joining in 2023
Ruhr University Bochum (Germany)
University College Cork (Ireland)
University of Deusto (Spain)
University of Liège (Belgium)
University of Oulu (Finland)
University of Lodz (Poland) – joining in 2023
Zagreb University (Croatia)

UNIC’s main objective is to bring universities and cities together to provide inclusive quality education for our diverse societies. Inter-university mobility, inclusion and diversity, social impact and engaged research are the pillars and values of our mission. This partnership is part of the European Universities Initiative promoted and funded by the European Commission.

The University of Deusto (Spanish: Universidad de Deusto; Basque: Deustuko Unibertsitatea) is a private university owned by the Society of Jesus, with campuses in Bilbao and San Sebastián (Basque Community, Spain), and the Deusto Business School branch in Madrid. The University of Deusto is the oldest private university in Spain.

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