The University of Barcelona creates a new chair to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities

The University of Barcelona presented the UB Chair Cassià Just-Cuina Justa Foundation on Integration of People with Disabilities, a new chair to promote the integration of people with disabilities. Thanks to the collaboration with the Cassià Just-Cuina Justa Foundation, the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and the FIATC Foundation, training, awareness-raising, research and knowledge transfer actions will be developed with the aim of improving the conditions of inclusion of this group.

The chair will address common issues that people with disabilities commonly encounter. Among the main research actions that will be developed are the creation of a compilation guide of good inclusive practices for people with disabilities in the university context; the design of the process of adapting the tests for university service assistants to the group of people with intellectual disabilities, and the development of guides to facilitate the integration of teaching staff, students and technical, management, administration and services staff with disabilities in the university context or the promotion of the psychological wellbeing of young people with intellectual disabilities.

In terms of training, the university diploma in User, Citizen and Customer Service for young people with intellectual disabilities will continue to be taught, with the aim of improving the incorporation of this group into the labour market; organizing a summer campus for young people with intellectual disabilities; and promoting an Erasmus+ mobility programme for people with intellectual disabilities.

Finally, in the field of awareness-raising, courses will be held as part of the Els Juliols de la UB programme, and the prizes for the bachelor’s and master’s degree final projects and doctoral theses that promote awareness-raising or integration of people with disabilities will be awarded.

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