The Toba reservoir on the Júcar river

The Toba reservoir (embalse de la Toba) is a reservoir in Cuenca province in Spain (Castilla–La Mancha) of great beauty due to the pine forests that surround it and the spectacular rock formations that rise hundreds of meters above the reservoir.

The Toba reservoir was built in 1925, as part of the hydroelectric conditioning project of the Júcar river in a 20km stretch within the Serranía de Cuenca and which would serve to regulate the Júcar river itself, in addition to channeling water to the Villalba hydroelectric plant of the Sierra.

Activities near La Toba Reservoir

The La Toba reservoir is located at the foot of the wood mill / plateau, in the heart of the Serranía de Cuenca, where you can go canoeing while enjoying the spectacular scenery.

Canoeing in the La Toba reservoir is highly recommended due to the great beauty of the route.

The best beach is in the Uña lagoon.

River: Jucar
Reservoir holder: PARTICULAR
Destination of the reservoir: ENERGY
Reservoir area (ha): 128 ha
Useful volume (hm3): 11 hm3
Total volume (hm3): 11 hm3
Maximum avenue level (m): 0 m
Maximum normal level of the reservoir (m): 1,156 m

How to get to?

From Madrid 2 hr 18 min (202 km) via A-40

From Toledo 2 hr 14 min (215 km) via A-40

From Cuenca 32 min (36.0 km) via CM-2105

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