The Thoiriat castle dates back to 1779

The Château de Thoiriat is located in the town of Creches-sur-Saône in Saône-et-Loire, Beaujolaisone hour by car from Lyon.

The castle consists of a rectangular main building covered with a hipped roof and flanked at its ends by two wings in return at right angles to slightly forward on its two facades. In the center of each of the facades, a front section of one bay is crowned with a pediment, carved with a cartouche with the Thy arms. The only other decorative element of this austere ensemble is the stone balcony on brackets, to which opens, on the first floor, a French window. Among the outbuildings, which are quite disparate, is a long building covered with a broken roof pierced with skylights with fins.

The castle, private property, is closed to public.

In 1749, it was acquired by Antoine-Alexandre de Thy, knight, husband of Christine de La Fage, baroness of Saint-Uriège and in 1779 next to the modest fortified house, in poor condition, a new castle was built by the son, Philibert-Joseph de Thy; the architect would be Jean-Pierre Caristie. The castle, confiscated during the Revolution is sold as national property. The two turrets of the old fortified house have been partly dismantled, a prelude to its final disappearance; the property is acquired by a craftsman, Philibert Vacher who sells it shortly after to Jean-Pierre Canard whose descendants still own it.

Address: 71680 Crêches-sur-Saône, France

GPS coordinates: 46° 14′ 38″ N, 4° 46′ 16″ E

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