The Sounds of the Universe will be presented in Andorra On September, 24th

Tuesday, 24th September at 20h in the Communal Library, Encamp, Andorra (Pyrenees) (Free for ages 9 and upwards)

“The Sounds of the Universe” presented by Joan Pujol, astronomer and scientific disseminator. In the talk, which is aimed at a family audience, we will have the opportunity to hear the first sounds that came to Earth, such as the signals of the Sputnik satellite, or the words of the astronaut Armstrong when landing on the Moon.

In addition, we can hear the mysterious sounds of the Sun, or the interferences we would hear if we were approaching the great planets, such as Jupiter or Saturn. We can also hear the most intense rumour generated by the pulsars, the most massive and visible objects of the Universe.

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