The Second international guitar festival takes place in Andorra la Vella

Friday 15th – Sunday, 17th November at La Llacuna Cultural Centre, Andorra la Vella, Andorra (Pyrenees).

A festival dedicated to one of the most popular instruments in the world: the guitar. There will be guitarists of different styles, such as: modern, classical and flamenco.

PROGRAMME FRIDAY: 18h Opening talk with the guitarists David Sanz, Manuel Alonso and Oriol Vilella. 19h Carlos Lozano (Andorra).Teaching conference on modern guitar. 21 h Joan Ramon Caro (Barcelona, Spain). Concert of flamenco guitar.

SATURDAY: 12h Zoran Dukic (Croatia). Didactic conference. 17h Christian Herrerea (Mexico). Luthier: Lecture The guitar from inside. 20h Zoran Dukic (Croatia). Classical guitar concert.

SUNDAY: 12h Ukelele, Ukelelá! Sing and play non-stop. Ukelele family workshop with Violant Olivares and Eduardo Hernández. Participants: David Sanz, classic guitarist. Head of service of the Music Institute of the Comú of Andorra la Vella. Oriol Vilella, modern guitarist. Director of the Space of Modern Music. Manuel Alonso, flamenco guitarist and composer. Music Director Fusion and organizer of the Festival.

Special guests: Zoran Dukic classical guitarist ; Joan Ramon Caro, flamenco guitarist, Carlos Lozano modern guitarist. Ukelele Workshop: Violant Olivares.

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