Fr. Sauter AG is a Swiss-based Corporate group, internationally active in building automation and system integration, with headquarters in Basel. It operates from its head office under the name of Fr. Sauter AG. The group employs around 2300 people and generated sales of € 401 million .

In 1910, the company was founded by Fritz Sauter in Grindelwald (CH) as a manufacturer of electrical time switches. The growing number of incoming orders led to an expansion and relocation of the operation to Basel. In 1920, the company was converted into a private limited company.

In 1912, Sauter brought its first product to the market in the form of a time-switch – an astronomical clock for switching city street lighting on and off. The lights were switched on and off in the evening and morning, at the seasonal hour for twilight.

In 1917, Sauter developed a boiler for the Basel power station, which was well received on the market. The company had already moved its workshop to Basel in 1916 because of its good relationship with the power station.

Sauter produces hardware and software for regulation, control and building management systems for applications in the fields of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The product range includes room sensors, transducers, thermostats, pressure switches, electrical actuators, pneumatic actuators, valves, mixing valves, and dampers. On the management level, Sauter develops software for building management, as well as systems and room automation stations for individual room control and room management. Development and production takes place at the factory in Basel.

The area of building services includes services such as contracting, maintenance and monitoring. An increasingly important mainstay are services in the field of energy-conscious, technical, infrastructural and commercial facility management.

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