The Sant Guim de la Plana castle: included in the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia

The Sant Guim de la Plana castle (El castell de Sant Guim de la Plana) is a building in Sant Guim de la Plana (Segarra, Lleida province, CataloniaSpain) included in the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

This old castle, now used as housing, is the welcoming point to the town of Sant Guim de la Plana. The three buttresses of the main facade and the small elevation on which it is located, give it a very sober and sedate image.

The building consists of a ground floor divided into modern living spaces and a first floor.

We access each one of these houses through a small ramp, except in the case of the center one which is accessed through a section of stairs, due to the unevenness between the building and the level of street. All the openings that we find in the walls are modern, however the central door of this building still conserves the semicircular arch and in the case of the rest the segmented arch remains.

On the first floor we can observe seven modern rectangular openings, four of which have a balcony with a forged railing and the rest are windows of different dimensions. The balcony opening located in the middle of the central buttress is especially important.

This main facade has been largely reformed over the years, there’s even a building of present construction in the northeastern part of the town that forms an extension to one of the houses.

The East facade has a central door with a segmented arch, flanked by two rectangular windows and two modern rectangular windows on first floor.

This construction has rows of small irregular stone ashlars, which bear witness to the various interventions that the building has suffered.

It appears documented in 1161 when the population was part of the castle of Llor. Years later, it belonged to the lineage of Sacirera and finally to the Marquesses of Santa Maria de Barberà.

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