The S-189 museum – Soviet medium submarine of project 613

S-189 – Soviet medium submarine of project 613, which was part of the Baltic Fleet. After the end of the service, she was converted into a museum ship in St. Petersburg.

The S-189 boat was laid down at the Baltic Shipyard on March 31, 1954 and launched on September 4 of the same year. She spent her entire career in the Baltic. In addition to military campaigns, the S-189 took part in testing new types of weapons at the Lake Ladoga training ground. First moved to the test site on Ladoga in 1959.

In 1970-1972, she received the title of “Excellent Ship” three times.

Since 1986 she has been withdrawn to the reserve in Kronstadt. Later, in 1999, she sank in the Merchant Harbor of the port of Kronstadt.

In 2005, at the expense of businessman and former submariner Andrey Artyushin, the submarine was raised and docked at the Kanonersky Zavod, where she found her second birth. Since 2007, she has been moored at the Lieutenant Schmidt embankment in St. Petersburg as a floating monument. After the repair and restoration of the interior interiors, a private museum was created on its basis, which opened on March 18, 2010.

Main characteristics

Ship type: Medium DPL
Project designation: project 613
Developer of the TsKB-18 project
NATO Whiskey Codification
Speed (surface): 18.2 knots
Speed (underwater): 13 knots (13.6 without artillery)
Operating depth: 170 m
Maximum immersion depth: 200 m
Autonomy of navigation: 30 days
Crew: 52 people


Surface displacement: 1055 t
Underwater displacement: 1347 t
Overall length: (on DWL) 76.06 m
Hull width max. 6.64 m
Average draft: (on DWL) 4.55 m


Working days: Wed-Sun 11:00–17:30.

Address: Petersburg, Lieutenant Schmidt embankment (line 18-19), Vasilyevsky IslandSt. PetersburgVasileostrovskaya metro station.

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