The runway of Andorra la Seu airport is too short for landing in hot summer time

Photo: Manel Montoro

Extremely hot temperatures were recorded in Andorra (Pyrenees) and surrounding areas over the weekend. Daytime temperatures reached 36°C.

On Sunday, May 22, a flight from Madrid, which was supposed to land at Andorra-La Seu D’Urgell airport (SpainCatalonia), was forced to land at Alguaire airport (near the city of Lérida, about 130 km from Andorra-la Seu airport), causing dissatisfaction among passengers who were forced to extend their journey by another two hours.

Passengers were informed of the change in landing plan shortly before. The plane was unable to land at Andorra-la Seu airport because the air temperature on the runway exceeded 30°C. The temperature affects air density. Accordingly, higher temperatures require a longer runway.

The easiest option would be to change the flight schedule to eliminate the temperature factor.

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