The real cost of living in Andorra for a one-person family is about 12,700-14,400 euros per year

The real cost of living in Andorra was the subject of a study carried out by the government of the principality and presented by Xavier Espot, Minister of Justice, Social and Internal Affairs. The study argues that, given the increase in prices in 2018, the annual cost of living for a one-person family is from 12,700 euros to 14,400 euros per year, or from 1,050 to 1,200 euros per month.

For Andorran politicians, research will allow them to better understand the real expenses for living and housekeeping, in order to assess the standard of living of the inhabitants of the principality. The purpose of the document is to improve the state’s social policy.

In 2019, a new study will be carried out.

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