The Packard Cabriolet De Luxe Type Caribbean from 1955. Property of Édith Piaf and Jean Marais

The Packard Cabriolet De Luxe Type Caribbean from 1955, V8, 314 HP, 6132 cc. This car belonged to Édith Piaf and Jean Marais.

The Packard Caribbean is a full-sized luxury car that was made by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan, during model years 1953 through 1956. Some of the Caribbean’s styling was derived from the Pan American Packard show car of the previous year. Available only as a convertible from 1953 until 1955 with a hardtop model added in its final year of 1956.

Model year 1955 saw the Caribbean line, now with an all-new Packard developed V8 engine, fully adopt the Senior Packard line styling; the car was also available in two or three-tone paint patterns. Designer Richard Teague succeeded in restyling the old Packard Senior body into a modern-looking design. The single hood scoop was split into two units, and the car also received Packard’s Torsion-Level Torsion bar suspension at all four wheels. Production for 1955 increased substantially at 9,127 units with a listed retail price of $US5,932 ($60,005 in 2021 dollars).

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