The number of couples entering into mediation processes increased by 16% in 2018

Last week we celebrated the International Day of Mediation. For this occasion, Andorran officials revealed the results of the past year in Andorra (Pyrenees). In the fiscal year 2018, the number of couples who initiated a mediation process increased by 16%. 193 couples made a consultation, 163 of whom started a mediation process. 46% found an agreement; 27% are in progress.

Xavier Espot Zamora, the Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and the Interior, spoke about the progress made in mediation in 2018. He spoke in particular about the approval of the law that allowed action to be taken more effectively in the prevention and resolution of conflicts and thus avoiding the long court processes.

In 2019, an information and awareness campaign will be conducted among the general public. Particular emphasis will be placed on the harmful consequences on children in the event of conflicting separations and the emergence of difficulties for minors. When conflict is resolved, in 47% of cases, shared custody was accepted; 42% with custody provided by the mother and 1% for father.

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