The Myatlev’s Profitable House in St. Petersburg

The Myatlev House was built in the 1760s in St. Petersburg. Its author could be A. Rinaldi or Yu. M. Felten and it is the oldest building on St. Isaac’s Square near St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The question of the author of the project of the house has not been clarified. The house is a witness to many events. According to some reports, it belonged to Potemkin, and then became the property of L. A. Naryshkin.

The house saw the brilliant holidays of Catherine’s times. Madame de Stael and the Prussian Stein have been here.

It’s believed that in 1773-1774 the French philosopher Denis Diderot stayed here (commemorative plaque).

After the old mansion in the style of early classicism from L. A. Naryshkin passed to the chamberlain and senator Pyotr Vasilyevich Myatlev (1756-1833), here in 1817 – probably, according to the project of L. Ruska – internal changes have begun. During the 19th century the house was rebuilt several times, but its main facade, facing St. Isaac’s Square, retained its original appearance.

A three-storey town-type mansion, the central entrance of which from the side of the square is decorated with a portico of four marble columns supporting a balcony.

Around the balcony door and the semicircular window on the 3rd floor there are bas-relief panels depicting mythological scenes.

Partially preserved interior decoration of the beginning of the 19th century. The front staircase with beautiful railings leads to the second floor, where the front rooms were located. The most interesting are the Great Hall with columns supporting the choirs, and rooms where tiled stoves have been preserved.

The building was thoroughly renovated in 1995 and is occupied by the city prosecutor’s office.

Address: Isaakievskaya sq., 9

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